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Used Landis Grinder for Sale at Abbott Machine Co.

General Services Available from Abbott Machine Company

Abbott Machine Company (Alton, Illinois/St. Louis), offers industrial machinery rebuild services that few companies can match.  If you are looking to buy a used Landis grinder or other machinery, review our range of machinery rebuilding, remanufacturing and retrofit services.

Contact Abbott Machine Co. or give us a call for help locating machinery, for sales or purchases, or to request services.  You can reach us at 618-465-1898 (near St. Louis) or call us toll-free, nationwide at 800-262-6478.  We buy, sell, repair and offer onsite servicing for some machinery throughout the U.S. and internationally.  International business clients are welcome to contact us about equipment availability, sales or repair services.

Abbott Machine Co. Inventory and Available Rebuilt, Used Landis Grinder(s)

Our inventory of parts for a used Landis Grinder, used grinders, and machinery from other leading manufacturers changes all the time.  Please review the individual product pages for Landis Grinders for additional information about the machinery and work capacity.

Some of the machinery that is currently, or recently, available for sale includes the following items in our machinery stocklist:

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  • 10” x 36” Landis Universal Grinder, M-1871 – 10” x 36” Landis Type 2R Grinder (M-1871); manufactured in 1964; Motor Driven with a 3 HP, DC Variable Wheelhead Motor, and 1 HP Variable Speed DC; Headstock Motor with Baldor Controls, ¼ HP Spindle Lubrication Motor, 1 HP, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle AC Hydraulic Motor; Variable Speed Combination Live/Dead Spindle Headstock, 5 Work Rests on the machinery
  • 14” x 72” Landis Grinder with VersagrindTM Remanufactured by Abbott Machine Co. in 2008, M-4354 - Workhead Type: Dead; Workhead Speeds: 0 – 350 RPM; 3 HP Workhead; Maximum Grinding Wheel Size: 36” x 3” x 12”; Belt Size: 2.75” x 160”; Baldor AC Vector Wheelhead Motor and Drive; AC Digital Servo Wheelhead Infeed; and the machinery comes with: 3 work rest with fine pitch adjusting screws, 2 wheel mounts, 2 Carbide Tipped Centers, amp and RPM meters, a Tailstock mounted wheel dresser, coolant splash guards, operator's and parts manual, PLC control, and a table-mounted radius dresser
  • 14” x 72” Landis Roll Grinder, M-4422 – Workhead Type: Dead; Workhead Speeds (programmable): 0 – 300 RPM; Workhead Maximum Grinding Wheel Size: 18” x 1-1/2” x 5” Std.; Baldor AC Vector Wheelhead Motor and Drive; AC Digital Servo Wheelhead Infeed; Footstock type; Handwheel; supplied equipment includes:  2 Sine Bars for crowning capabilities, 3 work rests with fine pitch adjusting screws for Sendzimir Rolls (manual rests), 2 wheel mounts, 2 Carbide Tipped Centers, amp and RPM meters, Tailstock mounted wheel dresser with diamond, coolant splash guards, and operator’s and parts manual; available optional equipment includes: SBS Automatic electronic wheel balancing, a Barnes MPE-15 Coolant system, and/or a GE/Fanuc CNC Control—installation service available
  • 14” x 96” Landis Universal Grinder, M-4505 - Refurbished 18” x 72” Landis Universal Roll Grinder with Abbott VersaGrind™; Type: 3RH manufactured in 1990; Wheelhead:  Hard Film Microsphere Spindle Bearing; Grinding wheel size: 18” x 2” x 5” (will accept up to 4” width); 2” x 132” belt size; 15 HP Baldor AC Vector motor and drive (400 – 2000 RPM variable); 180° Wheelhead swivel for taper grinding; Universal Workhead with 120° swivel range; 3 HP Baldor AC Vector drive and motor; Workhead speed:  0 – 300 RPM variable; Manual Lever Actuated Tailstock; the scope of supply on this grinder is:  Machine Bed Complete, 1 Machine Carriage Complete  (two-piece type for manual taper adjustment), 1 Headstock (complete), Tailstock: Manual (complete), 1 Wheelhead assembly and applicable guarding (complete); 1 Electrical System, 1 Spindle lubrication and table way lubrication system, floor mounted, (complete), 1 Infeed Lubrication system (machine-mounted), 1 Wheel mount, 2 Dead Centers, 1 pair of journal rests, 1 Wheel Load meter  (analog), 1 Tailstock mounted wheel dresser with diamond Operator’s and parts manual, maintenance and programming manuals, Steel Telescoping, Way Covers, coolant splash guards, Heidenhain Feedback scales for Z-axis positioning, Abbott Versagrind™ attachment with power tracking, 1 Heidenhain Digital Readout for Wheel/Belt Infeed Position, 1 pair of Journal Rests for Roll Grinding (capacity 2 – 6”), 1 Equalizer Roll Driver, 1 Barnes MPE-15 coolant system with magnetic and paper filtration,  trial roll of coolant filtration paper—installation service available
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General Remanufacturing Services and HVOF Grinding

Our general services include complete equipment rebuilds/remanufacturing (equipment repaired to OEM or equivalent parts/components standards; parts replacement and upgrades to bring machinery back to original or better tolerances), onsite machinery installations, field repair services, emergency services for inoperable machinery, general preventative maintenance programs, equipment realignments, machinery accuracy verification testing, operator training services, warranty service options, and technical support/phone assistance.

We also offer clients precision grinding services, HVOF grinding services (cylindrical or belt grinding jobs to 110 RA to 1 RA and tolerances to 0.0002), and additional services.  If you need a belt grinder, we sell some of the best belt grinders available including Versagrind™ belt grinders and other belt grinder equipment and machinery.

Examples of Machinery Remanufacturing Services

Abbott Machine Co. completely remanufactures/rebuilds machinery.  This can generally include a comprehensive rebuild of all of the piece of equipment’s regulating and control components and frequently includes upgrades and additions such as upgrading system control mechanisms/controls, equalizer drives, gauging systems, lubrication systems, probes, transmissions, valve bodies, and performing additional services when applicable, such as, electronic wheel balancing, upgrading coolant systems, and installing equipment accessories including belt grinders, bed extensions, and grooving attachments or installing work rests, journal rests, and other components.

We also retrofit older machinery with new parts, improved components and attachments for added performance.  We have improved equipment capabilities by installing new, state-of-the-art CNC/precision control mechanisms, servos, spindle drives/assemblies, and added robotics controls available from major manufacturers such as Fanuc, GE, Giddings & Lewis, and Siemens. Additionally, we have retrofitted Farrel and Voith grinders onsite (field retrofits), and Giddings & Lewis point-to-point and contouring machines, Herkules, Waldrich, and other industrial machinery.  We frequently have grinders and other machinery in-stock including Cincinnati, Farrel, Landis and/or Mesta.

Replacement parts for many brands may be available from our inventory of serviceable used replacement parts.  Feel free to review our machinery stocklist (also, review parts available at our EBay store) for product details.  Contact Abbott Machine Co., or call us at 618-465-1898, or toll-free at 800-262-6478.  We stand by all of our workmanship, repairs and remanufactured machinery!