Used Horizontal Boring Mill

Is Your Company in Need of a Used Horizontal Boring Mill?

Abbott Machine Company Has Refurbished, Used Horizontal Boring Mill Machinery

If it is time for your company to replace equipment or expand current facilities, a used Horizontal Boring Mill, accessories and other equipment may be the ideal solution for your industrial or manufacturing facility.   Abbott Machine Company (Alton, Illinois/St. Louis metropolitan area) is a supplier of used Horizontal Boring Mills, accessories, replacement parts, component and system upgrades and other heavy industrial machinery.  We offer our customers a wide range of services, technical support, emergency repairs, and of course, completely remanufactured, rebuilt, repaired, retrofitted and upgraded machinery, used Horizontal Boring Mills, Millers, Vertical Mills, lathes, grinders, machining centers, optical equipment, Planers, polishing machinery, presses, Roll Formers, Shears (Power Squaring), various tooling and accessories, Turret Lathes, and other types of heavy industrial equipment.  We also perform general machinery system and component upgrades including retrofits and robotics control systems installations when practical.

Abbott Machine Co. offers industrial and manufacturing companies a wide range of machinery remanufacturing, repair and support services.  We always strive to restore leading brand manufacturing and industrial machinery to “like new condition” or better whenever possible.

Business may contact Abbott Machine Co. in Alton, Illinois, about general product availability and details, about our support and technical services, or to set up appointments for inspections of a used Horizontal Boring Mill or other machinery.  You can reach us at (618) 465-1898, or call toll-free, nationwide at (800) 262-6478.

Abbott Machine Co. Has Several Used Horizontal Boring Mills in Stock

Please review individual product listings available off our current machinery stocklist for more details.  We purchase, remanufacture and sell used Horizontal Boring Mills and other machinery.  Our individual product pages have considerable information about machinery specifications, minimum and maximum performance capabilities, any additional parts and equipment, general scope of supply, pricing information and other details.  Please contact Abbott Machine Co. with any questions that you have about any of our used Horizontal or Vertical Boring Mills or other machinery.  Business are welcome to arrange a time to inspect machinery at our facility in Alton, IL.  Our inventory does change throughout the year, so, if you are looking for a particular brand or various replacement parts, components control systems or accessories, be sure to check with us periodically.

Abbott Machine Co. has remanufactured, leading brand Horizontal Boring Mills available for immediate sale including:

  • Boring Mills (Horizontal Mills, Floor Type)
    • ——Giddings & Lewis Bickford, 15HS (Axes: X = 252”, Y = 60”, Z =30”); 48 ATC – this mill was built in1988; this is a G&L/Bickford Boring Mill had a retrofit including an installation of a Fanuc 0i control system in 2012 (Model: MJV-4341)
    • ——Giddings & Lewis 450 Series (Model: G60-RT HBM)
    • ——6" Giddings & Lewis Floor Type Boring Mill
    • ——8” Giddings & Lewis Model 70-N8-UF 8” Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mill, 70N8UF (Axes: X = 192”, Y = 132”, Z = 72”); 560 RPM, 75 HP, (Model: M-4541); this mill was built in 1967
  • Boring Mills (Horizontal Mills, Table Type, N/C, CNC and Universal)
    • ——5" Giddings & Lewis 4-Axis CNC Table Type Boring Mill
    • ——5”Giddings & Lewis CNC Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill; 40 HP Motor; also, used Boring Mill is equipped with GE Fanuc 2050 robotics control systems; a 4-Axis retrofit was performed in 2000 (Model: 70-H5T)
    • ——5” Giddings & Lewis Horizontal Boring Mill (Model: PMC-5)
    • ——5" Giddings & Lewis Boring Mill, (Model: PC-5) with a 48” x 122” Table; 25 HP Motor; this Boring Mill was built in 1974
    • ——5” Giddings & Lewis Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill, 70D5T with a 72” x 156” Table (Axes: X = 144”, Y = 96”, W = 36”, Z = 36"), 975 RPM, 30 HP, (Model: MJV-4541)
    • ——6” Giddings & Lewis G60-RTX with a 48” x 72” Built-in Rotary Table (Axes: X = 96”, Y = 66”, W = 51”, Z = 36”), G&L 800 CNC, (Model: MJV-4550)
    • ——6” Giddings & Lewis Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill, 70H6T with a 60” x 144” Table (Axes: X = 132”, Y = 96”, W = 51”, Z = 48”), 1020 RPM, 40 HP, 8000PP Control, (Model: MJV-4546)
    • ——6” Giddings & Lewis CNC Table; Type Horizontal Boring Mill with a 60” x 144” Table (Axes: X = 132”, Y = 96”, W = 65”, Z = 36”), 1020 RPM, 40 HP, 800 Control (Model: MJV); this mill was built in 1971 and Giddings & Lewis performed a complete retrofit in 1988
    • ——6” Giddings & Lewis Horizontal Boring Mill Model 70H6T with a 72” x 144” Table (Axes: X = 132”, Y = 120”, W = 108”, Z = 48”), 1020 RPM, 40 HP, (Model: M-5002); also, this mill was built in 1964
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Contact Abbott Machine Co. to Inspect or Buy a Used Horizontal Boring Mill or Other Machinery

Companies may contact Abbott Machine Co. about machinery details, about our extensive inventory of serviceable parts, to request services including repairs, general maintenance, emergency repairs, technical support, and servicing (and warranty servicing if applicable) or for assistance locating machinery, parts, components, to perform system upgrades, or even to inspect a piece of machinery that your business my want to buy.  Additionally, we have replacement parts available through our EBay store.  Let us know what type of machinery, mills, replacement parts, accessories or other items that you are search for—we buy used machinery and parts from companies worldwide year round.

You may call Abbott Machine Co. locally at (618) 465-1898, or call us toll-free at (800) 262-6478.  When you buy a used Horizontal Boring Mills or other machinery from Abbott Machine Co., you can rely on top-notch remanufacturing services.  We stand by all of the work that we perform.