Used Farrel Roll Grinder

Used Farrel Roll Grinder for Sale at Abbott Machine Company


Is Your Company Looking for a Used Farrel Roll Grinder or Other Grinding Machinery?

If your business needs to replace a grinder or you are planning a physical plant inspection, Abbott Machine Company, a leading, U.S. heavy industrial and manufacturing machinery repair service, remanufacturing business, and retrofitter has used Farrel Roll Grinder for sale.  Currently, we have wide range of rebuilt grinding machinery available for sale.  We have grinders in several categories including:  Roll Grinder(s), Centerless Grinder(s), Universal Grinder(s), Plain Cylindrical Grinder(s), Plain Angle Head Cylindrical Grinder(s), Universal N/C and CNC Cylindrical Grinders, and other machinery including heavy duty polishing machinery available for sale.

Abbott Machine Co., located in Alton, Illinois—just north of St. Louis metropolitan area—has experienced personnel and experts at repairing, recalibrating, accuracy verification testing, belt attachments specialists, and retrofitting industrial grinders of all kinds.  Currently, we have a used Farrel Grinder for sale, a Farrel Gustina model for sale, remanufactured Cincinnati Grinders, and other machinery from brands including Warner & Swasey “Norton,” Landis, Landis-Lund, K.O. Lee, and Waldrich-Siegen in stock.  Our staff technicians are experts at maintenance, belt installations and general repair work for industrial grinders.  Additionally, Abbott Machine Co. operates a commercial grinding shop as well.  We can ensure highly accurate grinding work—and, with the assistance of 3M, we have developed one of the best grinder belt attachments on the market.

Businesses may contact Abbott Machine Co. call us locally at 618-465-1898, or call us nationwide at 800-262-6478, with any questions about machinery or services.

Used Farrel Roll Grinder Available for Sale by Abbott Machine Co.

Along with a wide selection of other remanufactured and/or retrofitted grinders, we currently stock a wide range of other Cincinnati Grinders and other brands.  We can generally retrofit remanufactured or install grinders at your site with our new, state-of-the-art, Abbott VersaGrind™ belt attachment developed in conjunction with 3M as part of the sale—you can learn more about this belt grinder and grinding methodology below.

Currently, Abbott Machine Co. has a used Roll Farrel Grinder for sale.  We have the following grinders and other machinery available from our machinery stocklist:

60” x 240” Farrel Roll Grinder - Abbott Machine Co. Product# M-4558

  • 5 HP General Electric motor; 500/2400 RPM; 240 Volt DC
  • 40 HP (29.840 kw) Grinding Wheel motor (General Electric); 650/1750 RPM; 240 Volt DC engine
  • Approximate overall machinery dimensions Length - 45 Feet (13.716 m); Width - 15 Feet (4.572 m); and, Height - 10 Feet (3.048 m)
  • Steel Band Way Cover
  • Hydrostatic Spindle
  • Manual Cam Crowing Device
  • 1 Set of Steady Rests
  • Please review the machinery/product page listing for specifications about the machinery and capacity including:  Roll Diameter, Center Distance, Swing Over Bed, Roll Crown size, Carriage motor data, Head Stock motor data, Tail Stock motor data: Grinding Wheel motor data, Carriage Bed Ways configuration, Carriage Bed Ways condition, Table Bed Ways configuration, Table Bed Ways condition, and other pertinent details


State-of-the-Art Belt Grinder Attachments Available for Installation

3M and Abbott Machine Co. developed a new, state-of-the-art belt grinder attachment/retrofit upgrade that is a versatile attachment engineered for use with many classes of heavy industrial grinding machinery.  Abbott Machine Co. and 3M, combined with the expertise of our technicians running a commercial grinding shop, developed a high-accuracy, rapid belt grinding methodology with belt attachment.  The highly-precise VersaGrind™ belt grinder attachments, are superior to almost any commercially available belt attachment and associated technique. Most industrial grinders may be retrofitted with our belt grinding attachment for HVOF/HVOF spray coat grinding that can meet 110 RA to 1 RA standards and with tolerances to 0.0002”.

We also offer onsite installations of VeraGrind™ belt grinder attachments, installed attachments on many grinder machinery sales, and provide accuracy verification testing, machinery calibrations, other repairs, retrofits, and other technical and support services.  Learn about Abbott Machine Co.’s machinery remanufacturing and support services for heavy industrial and manufacturing machinery for companies of all sizes.

Businesses may contact Abbott Machine Co., or call us locally at 618-465-1898.  You may also call us 800-262-6478, if you have questions about our used Farrel Roll Grinder, other machinery, or inquiries about inspection and sales.