Used Engine Lathe

Is Your Company Looking for a Used Engine Lathe for Sale?

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Is your company looking for a used Engine Lathe or related types of manufacturing and industrial machinery?   Be sure to take a look at the remanufactured and used Engine Lathes that are currently available from leading, U.S. industrial machinery rebuilder, Abbott Machine Company, of Alton, Illinois, just north of St. Louis.  Our technicians are experienced at repairing, remanufacturing and retrofitting used Engine Lathe machinery as well as other types of industrial machinery.  Abbott Machine Co. offers business customers technical services, repair services, retrofits/upgrades, and also phone support services.

Companies may contact Abbott Machine Co. for information about any our inventory, about our remanufacturing and retrofit services, or other business-to-business services.  If you have questions about machinery inspections and sales information, please call us at (618) 465-1898, or toll-free at (800) 262-6478.

Used Engine Lathe Machinery Available from Abbott Machine Co.

Abbott Machine Co. currently has several different brands of used Engine Lathe machinery available in our Engine Lathes product category.  Please refer to individual machinery product listing pages for more details about the general specifications and capabilities.  Also, we generally include any available scope of supply or additional equipment and accessories that are included with the used Engine Lathe available for sale.

Please contact Abbott Machine Co. direct in order to discuss terms of sale, to set up an appointment for machinery inspection(s), and to other information or machinery specifications per terms of sale.  We also offer business clients a wide range of technical support services as well, and also ask if warranty servicing is available on the particular piece of machinery that your company is interested in purchasing.

Currently, we have the following used Engine Lathe machinery by various manufacturers available in our machinery inventory/stocklist:

Used Engine Lathes

We frequently have several product categories of machinery in our inventory including used Engine Lathes, Combination Lathes, Turret Lathes, mills, grinders, polishing machinery, presses, or other classes of industrial and manufacturing machinery.

Your business can review our remanufacturing and support services for industrial and manufacturing companies.  Companies may contact Abbott Machine Co., call us at (618) 465-1898, or at (800) 262-6478, with any questions regarding machinery status, sales and services.  Abbott Machine Co. backs all worked performed by our technicians.