Used Clausing-Colchester Engine Lathe

Used Clausing-Colchester Engine Lathe for Sale Direct from Abbott Machine Company

Choose a Used Clausing-Colchester Engine Lathe or Other Brand Available from an Industrial and Manufacturing Remanufacturer and Retrofitter

If you are looking for a used Clothing-Colchester Engine Lathe, then take look at the couple of models that are currently available from leading, American heavy industrial machinery and equipment remanufacturer and retrofitter, Abbott Machine Company—we are located in Alton, Illinois, just north of the St. Louis metropolitan region.  At Abbott Machine Co., we employ experience, professional technical experts at industrial and heavy manufacturing repairs, remanufacturing/rebuilds, replacement of electrics, control systems and other components, repair service, and retrofitters where feasible with particular piece of machinery.  Please check the stocklist noted below to review our product and the diversity of repaired, rebuilt, and/or retrofitter machinery that we have available for sale at any given time.

Businesses may contact Abbott Machine Co., or call us locally in the St. Louis metropolitan area at 618-465-1898, or call us toll-free, nationwide, at 800-262-6478, with any questions that you have about either of these two used Clausing-Colchester Engine Lathes, or about questions about any of our machinery inventory.

Choose a Used Clausing-Colchester Engine Lathe to Meet Your Operations Requirement(s)

Currently, we have the following used Engine Lathes, and specifically Clausing-Colchester Engine Lathes are listed in further detail in page in our from our machinery stocklist. You can also review our other brands and sizes of used Engine Lathes and other heavy industrial and manufacturing machinery in our stocklist.  As of now, we have the two, used Clausing-Colchester Engine Lathes that are linked below:

13” x 40” Clausing-Colchester Engine Lathe

  • Model: 8015
  • Serial Number:  5/0014/11107DD
  • Abbott Machine Co. Product# MJV-4595
  • This used Clausing-Colchester Engine Lathe was built in the 1980’s
  • Additional equipment and/or machinery feature(s) with this piece of machinery’s sale:

    • 5 Horse Power Main Motor
    • This machinery is wired for 230-Volt operation
    • Live Center
    • Coolant System
    • -Jaw Chuck
    • 4-Jaw Chuck
    • Hardened Bed Ways
    • Taper turning attachment
    • 5C-Drawbar and Nose Piece
    • Thread Dial
  • Please review the product listing page for machinery specifications and details

Currently, Abbott Machine Co. has a newer, slightly larger, used Clausing-Colchester Engine Lathe that is now available in our inventory:

15” x 50” Clausing-Colchester Engine Lathe

  • Model: 8031
  • Serial Number:  6/0015/16491
  • Abbott Machine Co. Product# MJV-MV-Clausing
  • Engine Lathe was built in 1975
  • Please note: this machinery is in excellent working condition and may be inspected under power at a New Jersey warehouse
  • Additional equipment/machinery feature(s) with this machinery sale:
    • 7.5 Horse Power Spindle Drive Motor
    • Inch/metric threading capability
    • A working Coolant System
    • A 12” 6-Jaw Buck Chuck
    • Aloris Model: CA Quick Change Toolpost
    • A Steady Rest
    • A Follow Rest

  • Please review the product listing page for more information this piece of machinery’s product details, specifications and service range

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Abbott Machine Co. remanufactures, repairs and retrofits a wide range of heavy industrial and manufacturing machinery.  Some of the wide claims of machinery categories that we purchase and sell, as well as perform component/system replacements, parts or equipment or accessory installation repairs or calibrations, emergency field repair services, and many other types of field support services and also technical support by phone when you need assistance resolving an issue.  You may learn about Abbott Machine Co.’s remanufacturing and technical support services that are available for purchasers of our machinery, and/or industrial and manufacturing companies needing a reliable partner for improving machinery efficiency and getting downed used Engine Lathes or other machinery back into production.

Your business may contact Abbott Machine Co. us locally at 618-465-1898, or toll-free at 800-262-6478, with any questions that you regarding either of these two, used Clausing-Colchester Engine Lathes, or about any of machinery, that is listed for sale.