Used Berthiez CNC Vertical Boring Mill

Used, Berthiez CNC Vertical Boring Mill Available from Heavy Industrial Machinery Remanufacturer, Abbott Machine Company

Does Your Business Need a Used, Berthiez CNC Vertical Boring Mill or Other Type of Boring Mill?

If your company is looking to expand production capacity or to replace a mill, then take a look at the used, Berthiez CNC Vertical Boring Mill that is currently available direct from the remanufacturer, Abbott Machine Company, of Alton, Illinois, located north of St. Louis.  We are a heavy industrial and manufacturing machinery and equipment remanufacturer, repair company and retrofitter.  We are one of the leading remanufacturers of heavy manufacturing and industrial equipment in the U.S. and we generally have quite a few mills in different sizes and product categories available at almost any time.

Our milling-related, heavy industrial product categories includes a variety of types of milling machinery.  Generally, we have Horizontal Boring Mills (Floor Type), Horizontal Boring Mills (Table Type), Horizontal Boring Mills (Table Type, N/C & CNC), Vertical Boring Mills (including Vertical Turret Lathes), Vertical Boring Mills (N/C & CNC), Millers, and sometimes on occasion, Horizontal and Vertical Millers (Combinations), as well as Turret Lathes and Sliding Gap Lathes available for purchase—our most common types of remanufactured Boring Mill at almost any given time is usually Giddings & Lewis and we general have a fairly extensive selection of sizes available.

Heavy manufacturing and industrial businesses may always contact Abbott Machine Co. concerning specific machinery, additional product detail and specification inquiries, machinery inspections, terms of sale, or to ask about our technical support and repair services (including retrofit and upgrade services) for heavy machinery that you have in place at your physical plant.  You may call Abbott Machine Co. at 618-465-1898, or toll-free, nationwide, at 800-262-6478 with your questions or inquiries about machinery or about extensive list of remanufacturing and upgrade services.

Choose a Remanufactured, Used, Berthiez CNC Vertical Boring Mill from Abbott Machine Co.

At the time of this posting, we currently have one, remanufactured and used, Berthiez CNC Vertical Boring Mill available for sale, although we also have a wide range of Giddings & Lewis Mills and a couple of Bullard Cutmasters.  You can review more specific information about this relatively new, used, Berthiez CNC Vertical Boring Mill by review the product specifications listed in our machinery stocklist.

Our Used, Berthiez CNC Vertical Boring Mill features:

  • Berthiez CNC Vertical Boring Mill, Model TVM-125
  • Abbott Machine Co. Model #MJV-PM
  • CNC Vertical Boring Mill with Live Milling that was originally manufactured in 1997
  • This used, Berthiez CNC Vertical Boring Mill is well equipped and includes the following in the sale:
    • A FANUC 15TB CNC Control System
    • 20-Position Automatic Tool Changer
    • Coolant through Spindle
    • 62” Face Plate with 4-Jaws
    • Approximately 15 Tool Blocks
    • Tool and Part Probes
    • Chip Conveyor and Full Enclosure

Used, Berthiez CNC Vertical Boring Mill(s), Giddings & Lewis Mills and Other Leading Brands

We generally have a range of Boring Millers, millers and related machinery and brands listed on our machinery inventory/stocklist.  Our general categories of milling machinery generally includes:  Boring Mills (Horizontal, Floor Type), Boring Mills (Horizontal, Table Type), Boring Mills (Horizontal, Table Type, N/C & CNC), Boring Mills (Vertical, including Vertical Turret Lathes), Boring Mills (Vertical, N/C & CNC), Millers, and sometimes we also have Millers (Horizontal and Vertical Combinations), and also other types of Turret Lathes and other lathes at most times. Frequently, our inventory of Boring Mills includes used, Berthiez CNC Vertical Boring Mill machinery, Bullard Cutmaster, and most frequently, our mills are usually Giddings & Lewis models of varying sizes.

Please note that we usually we have pictures of the machinery, some of the main machinery specifications/product details and any available equipment and/or the scope of supply.  Please contact us direct for full machinery details, terms of sale and also any available equipment and accessories sold with a specific machine.

You may always contact if you are looking for a particular model of used, Berthiez CNC Vertical Boring Mill, a specific size, or another brand.  We do purchase mills for remanufacturing throughout the year and our inventory does change periodically.

Full-Service, Heavy Industrial and Manufacturing Machinery Rebuilds, Retrofits and Technical Support Services

Abbott Machine Co. does much more than repair and remanufacture used mills.  Our experienced technicians rebuild a wide range of heavy industrial and manufacturing machinery (please take a look at the stocklist for product categories), we also offer our clients a wide range of services including repair services, rebuilds, retrofits, upgrades and support.

Our wide range of business-to-business services includes, but is not limited to the repairs, remanufacturing, retrofitting/upgrade of heavy industrial Horizontal Boring Mills, Vertical Boring Mills, CNC Boring Mills, Millers, Turret Lathes, drills, grinders/grinding machinery, other types of lathes, machining centers, optical equipment, planers, polishing machinery, presses, roll formers, shears, tables, tool resetting machinery, and other types of industrial and manufacturing equipment.  We provide a wide range of machinery remanufacturing and support services including complete machinery rebuilds, onsite machinery and equipment installations, emergency/field repair services, preventative maintenance programs (contracts), machinery system retrofits and/or system upgrades, adding state-of-the-art CNC/precision control mechanisms, electrics, and robotics controls/control system components (e.g. FANUC systems, retrofit FANUC control systems and robotics), retrofit/upgrade obsolescent machinery and controls with new components and systems, install new electrics, equipment realignments/calibration and accuracy verification testing, warranty servicing per contract.

We can also support your business with other services such as machinery operator training, installing accessories and attachments or even providing phone technical support.  Just let us know what you need for your current machinery, or additional options that you would like to have with the purchase of one of our remanufactured Boring Mills or other machinery.

Contact Abbott Machine Co. for inquiries about purchasing our used, Berthiez CNC Vertical Boring Mill or other machinery—or contact us for remanufacturing, repair and/or retrofit and support services.  You may reach us at 618-465-1898, or at 800-262-6478.

Abbott Machine Co. always backs remanufacturing work, repairs and upgrades/retrofits and services performed by our personnel and technicians.