Used 20 Ton Crane Hoist

Used 20-Ton Crane Hoist for Sale (DeMag and Virginia Crane Hoist Models Available)

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Abbott Machine Company Has Used, 20-Ton DeMag and Virginia Crane Hoists for Sale

Is your manufacturing company or industrial business looking for a used 20-Ton Crane Hoist for sale?  If so, then take a look at the models of used 20-Ton, DeMag or Virginia Crane Hoists that we currently have available for sale.  Abbott Machine Company, of Alton, Illinois, (located in the northern St. Louis metropolitan area) is a leading, U.S. heavy industrial machinery and equipment remanufacturer and retrofitter.  We currently have two, 2011 DeMag 20-Ton Crane Hoists for sale as well as a used, 20-Ton Virginia Crane Hoist available.  Additionally, we have three different models of Stewart Overhead and Bridge Cranes available as well.

Companies may contact Abbott Machine Co. concerning any machinery inquiries available in our stocklist, to set up appointments for machinery inspections, and to discuss terms of sale.  We provide complete heavy industrial remanufacturing services, retrofits and a wide range of technical support services to industrial and manufacturing companies.  We rebuilt a wide range of industrial machinery and you can always rely on Abbott Machine Co. to back all equipment that we remanufacture and also to back all repair and retrofit service performed by our technicians.

You may call Abbott Machine Co. locally at 618-465-1898, or call us nationwide at 800-262-6478.  If you have questions about our used 20-Ton Crane Hoist models or other products, let us know.

Used 20-Ton Crane Hoist Models and Bridge and Overhead Cranes Available for Sale at Abbott Machine Co.

Currently Abbott Machine Co. currently has two, 2011, used 20-Ton Crane Hoist models available from DeMag as well as a 20-Ton Virginia Crane Hoist available for sale.  We also have three Bridge and Overhead Cranes available for sale.  You can review our machinery stocklist for specifications and pictures.  Please contact us for more machinery and equipment details and terms of sale.

Currently, our in-stock used 20-Ton Crane Hoist options include:

  • 20-Ton Cranes (Hoists)
    • DeMag 20-Ton Cranes – Abbott Machine Co. Model #B-1009;  as of this posting we have two, 2011, used 20-Ton Crane Hoist models form DeMag in-stock; these cranes are essentially like new and have hardly been used—take a look at these DeMag 20-Ton Cranes for sale as they are great options for replacing obsolete or smaller cranes if you are expanding operations; please note that these cranes have very low overall usage hours; the basic size of this used crane model includes a 48’ span, a 25’ under hook, and this model of used, DeMag 20-Ton Crane Hoist is equipped with Pendant and Radio Control
    • 20-Ton Crane Hoist Virginia – Abbott Machine Co. Model #BM-1059; this Virginia Crane Serial Number is VC09-1666

Currently, our in-stock, used 65-Ton, 35-Ton and 15-Ton Bridge and Overhead Crane options include:

  • Cranes (Bridge and Overhead)
    • 15-Ton Cone Crane Double Girder – Abbott Machine Co. Model #BM-1044; Kone Crane; Double Girder style model from Stewart
    • 35-Ton Stewart Crane – Abbott Machine Co. Model #BM-1074; Double Girder style model from Stewart—this is powerful crane, particularly if you are considering expanding operations from a 20-ton crane
    • Stewart 65-Ton, Class “E” Hot Metal, Double Girder Bridge Crane – Abbott Machine Co. Model #BM-1057; this 65-ton Class E Hot Metal Double Girder Bridge Crane from Stewart, and currently the heaviest used crane that we have in-stock; please review the product listing webpage for more details about the technical specifications on the bridge, hoist and trolley—basic specifications are listed individually for the bridge, hoist and trolley; please contact us for more information about this or other cranes that we have for sale

If you are in the market for other types of remanufactured industrial or manufacturing machinery besides remanufactured, used 20-Ton Crane Hoist, then take a few minutes to review our current machinery inventory for our available rebuilt machinery.

Abbott Machine Co. Is More Than a Machinery Remanufacturer

Besides the available used, 20-Ton Crane Hoists available for sale, we would like to let your company know that we are full-service heavy industrial equipment remanufacturer and technical support company for businesses.  Besides purchasing and selling used industrial and manufacturing machinery and equipment, our list of services includes a wide range of machinery remanufacturing and support services.  We buy machinery and rebuild, completely remanufacture and/or retrofit/upgrade equipment for resale.  We provide business clients with scheduled onsite machinery, equipment and accessory installations, emergency machinery repair services (preventative maintenance programs may be available—please ask), repairs and refits of heavy industrial boring mills, crane hoists, bridge and overhead cranes, drills, grinders, grinding equipment, lathes, machining centers, millers, optical equipment, planers, polishing machinery, hydraulic/industrial presses, roll formers, shears, tables, tool resetting machinery, and other types of machinery.  We also perform equipment realignments and accuracy verification testing as well as recalibrations.

Additionally, Abbott Machine Co.’s technicians offer a wide range of machinery system retrofits and/or system upgrades including installation of new electrics, installing state-of-the-art CNC and/or precision control mechanisms, (e.g. servos, spindle drives, and other parts or components), robotics controls/control system components (e.g. FANUC systems—we retrofit FANUC control systems and robotics).  Also, where feasible we retrofit/upgrade obsolescent machinery with new OEM or equivalent components, attachments, accessories for improved performance, equipment to expand production capabilities (e.g. upgrading machinery coolant system upgrades, installing gauging systems, recalibrating/balancing electronic wheels, grinders, probes, equalizer drives, lubrication systems, installing work rests, journal rests, new transmissions, valve bodies, and system controls where applicable), and installing applicable accessories or equipment.  We provide complete machinery remanufacturing services on many pieces of machinery that we buy for resale.  Depending on the specific machinery sale or contract situation we may also be able to provide your company with machinery warranty servicing, operator training and technical support service (phone support).

Whether you are interested in purchasing a used 20-Ton Crane Hoist, inspecting other types of equipment or new a machinery rebuilder and/or technical support service for your business, be sure to contact Abbott Machine Co. about your company’s current machinery and equipment needs.  You may call us at 618-465-1898, or at 800-262-6478.