Rebuilt Boring Mills


Rebuilt Boring Mills for Heavy Industry and Manufacturing

Abbott Machine Company Is Your Source for Rebuilt Boring Mills

If your company is looking for rebuilt boring mills (horizontal, vertical, N/C, CNC, turret lathes, etc.), components, tables or floor plates from leading manufacturers, then  Abbott Machine Company (Alton, Illinois/St. Louis), is the leading, American heavy industrial machinery remanufacturer to contact.  We rebuild, repair, retrofit, upgrade and completely remanufacture used heavy industrial machinery, provide a wide range of precision grinding services, and install and upgrade machinery onsite at client locations when necessary.  We are the full-service, U.S. grinding shop that you can rely on for complete heavy industrial machinery rebuilds and remanufacturing.

Abbott Machine Co. buys and sells new, used and no-longer manufactured machinery and equipment from businesses throughout the U.S. and companies worldwide.  We completely retrofit, repair, recondition and remanufacturing equipment to original specifications and tolerances, or we dramatically improve the original machinery capabilities depending on client requirements and specifications.

You may contact Abbott Machine Co. in Alton, IL, at (618) 465-1898 or call us nationwide at (800) 262-6478.  We also work with customers worldwide and stand by all of our work and products, components and machinery for sale.

General Services Available from Abbott Machine Company

Abbott Machine Co. provides industrial and manufacturing clients with a wide range of equipment and machinery retrofit, rebuilding and remanufacturing services.  Our general business services include: heavy industrial machinery installations (onsite at your company’s specific plant location), general preventative maintenance programs for your in-plant equipment, machinery realignments and accuracy verification testing, emergency repair services for broken machinery and equipment, field repair services, complete machinery rebuilds (equipment repairs, installs of OEM or equivalent parts/components, and system controls work/upgrades to bring machinery back to original tolerances or to exceed them if applicable), precision grinding services including HVOF grinding (precision cylindrical or belt grinding services to 110 RA to 1 RA and tolerances to .0002.), and additional services.  We also provide a range of machinery and equipment support services for business clients.  We can offer warranty servicing options, providing operator training services, and technical support/phone assistance.

We also sell some of the best belt grinders, belt grinding machinery/equipment, and offer highly-precise Versagrind™ belt grinders.  Versagrind™ belt grinders represent our new methodology developed in conjunction with 3M for highly precise grinding, particularly for HVOF.  If your business requires additional grinding or grinder-related service, let us know what we can to for your company.

Changing Inventories, Rebuilt Boring Mills Replacement Components

Our machinery inventory including rebuilt boring mills (vertical, horizontal, CNC, N/C, turret lathes, etc.) and parts for leading manufacturers changes constantly, check back frequently or contact us about specific machinery and/or components for your industrial machine shop.  Some of the used Giddings & Lewis (G&L) Boring Mills, and other rebuilt boring mills, related machinery and parts that are currently, or recently available for sale, includes the following from our stocklist machinery:

  • Boring Mills (Horizontal, Floor Type)
    • G&L Bickford, 15HS, X 252”, 60” Y, 30” Z, 48 ATC, (MJV-4341) – 1988 Giddings and Lewis Bickford retrofitted with a Fanuc 0i control 2012 (MJV-4341)
    • 8” G&L, 70N8UF, 192” X, 132” Y, 72” Z, 560 rpm, 75 hp, (M-4541) – Giddings and Lewis Model 70-N8-UF 8” Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mill; 1967, Serial 270-10-67 (M-4541)
  • Boring Mills (Horizontal, Table Type, N/C & CNC)
    • 6” G&L, 70H6T, 72” x 144” Table, 132” X, 120” Y, 108” W, 48” Z, 1020 rpm, 40 hp, (M-5002) – 6” Giddings and Lewis Horizontal Boring Mill Model 70H6T; Serial 420-80-64; Year of Manufacture 1964 (M-5002)
    • 5" G&L, 70D5T, 72" x 156" Table, 144" X, 96" Y, 36" W. 36" Z, 975 rpm, 30 hp, (MJV-4541) – 5” Giddings & Lewis Table type Horizontal Boring Mill, 70D5T
    • 6" G&L, 60” x 144” Table, 132” X, 96” Y, 51” W, 48” Z, 1020 rpm, 40 hp, 8000PP Control, (MJV-4546) – 6” Giddings & Lewis Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill, Model 70H6T, 60” x 144” Table, Giddings & Lewis 8000PP
    • 6” G&L G60-RTX 48” x 72” Built in Rotary Table, 96” X, 66” Y, 51” W, 36” Z, G&L 800 CNC, (MJV-4550) – 6” Giddings & Lewis G60-RTX 48” x 72” Built in Rotary Table, Giddings & Lewis 800 CNC
    • 6” G&L, 70H6T, 60” x 144” Table, 132” X, 96” Y, 65” W, 36” Z, 1020 rpm, 40 hp, 800 Control, MJV – 6” Giddings & Lewis CNC Table; Type Horizontal Boring Mill; Model: 70-H6-T, S/N: 420-253, New: 1971; Retrofitted by Giddings & Lewis in 1988
  • Boring Mills Vertical (Vertical including Turret Lathes)
    • 74” Vertical Boring Mill, Model Cutmaster – 74” Bullard Vertical Boring Mill; Model: Cutmaster, S/N: 28913; New: 1954
  • Boring Mills (Vertical, N/C & CNC)
    • Berthiez CNC Vertical Boring, Model TVM-125, 1997 – Berthiez Model: TVM 125; CNC Vertical Boring Mill with Live Milling; New: 1997
  • Millers, Vertical
    • 9” x 42” Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine Model: 2J, S/N: 12/BR 162816, New: 1975
  • Tables, Floor & Layout Plates, (Radial and Boring Mill)
    • Floor Plates, (4) Matched Set, Cast Iron, T-Slotted, 48” x 125” x 14”, (MJV-5590) – sold individually; in excellent condition
    • Floor Plates (2) – 48” X 144” Matched Set,  (MJV-4550-2) – in excellent condition

Rebuilt Boring Mills, Systems Components and Replacement Parts

Abbott Machine Co. backs all workmanship performed by our personnel and back all rebuilt boring mills and other industrial machinery that we have available for sale.  On rare occasion, machinery may be sold “as is,” but customers are welcome to fully inspect the equipment.

Some of the many additional parts and machinery components that we rebuild, replace and/or upgrade for various boring mills and other machinery includes:  machinery control systems, equalizer drives, equipment lubrication systems, spindle assemblies, transmissions, valve bodies, work rests, journal rests, and other components.

Replacement parts for machinery from leading national manufacturers may be available from our large inventory of serviceable, used and/or reconditioned parts.  Please review our machinery stocklist (also, review parts available at our EBay store or review our in-plant machinery liquidations), or, business may contact us locally at 618-465-1898, or toll-free, nationwide at 800-262-6478.