Magnum Press Distributors

Abbott Machine Company/Abbott Precision Grinding Are Magnum Press Distributors

Is Your Company Looking for a Magnum Press Distributor?

If your industrial or manufacturing company is looking for Magnum Press distributors, then look no further than U.S. heavy industrial remanufacturer and retrofitter Abbott Machine Company, located in Alton, Illinois, in the northern St. Louis metropolitan area, not far from the home of Magnum Press.  We are a full-service remanufacturer/rebuilder/retrofitter of heavy industrial and manufacturing machinery including heavy-duty, industrial hydraulic presses, industrial grinders, lathers, polishers, turret lathes, boring mills, horizontal boring equipment, vertical mills, millers, and many other types of heavy industrial and manufacturing machinery and accessory equipment.

Abbott Machine Co. purchases and sells used industrial machinery worldwide.  We currently have an arrangement with Magnum Press to assist industrial companies and manufacturers with procuring standardized or custom hydraulic presses made in the U.S.A.  Your business may request a custom-configured industrial press quote through Abbott Machine Co. You may contact Abbott Machine Co. direct in Alton, IL, about creating a custom-built Magnum Press in the 2-ton to 250-ton (or more) range that meets your company’s current specifications and equipment requirements. If you are interested purchasing used hydraulic presses or other heavy industrial machinery, then please refer to our current machinery stocklist, or check back periodically as our inventory change throughout the year. You may call Abbott Machine Co. locally at 618-465-1898, or call us toll-free, nationwide at 800-262-6478.

Magnum Press Distributors Offer American-Made, Customized Industrial Hydraulic Presses

As Magnum Press distributors and industrial machinery remanufacturers, Abbott Machine Co. is uniquely situated—even literally, we are not that far away from Magnum Press in Illinois—to help your company order and purchase the right industrial, customized hydraulic press that meets your specific manufacturing requirements.  Magnum Presses provide manufacturers and heavy industrial businesses with American-made, high-quality, high speed hydraulic presses and industrial automation machinery.  As authorized Magnum Press distributors, we offer a full range of standardized Magnum Press machinery, as well as provide clients with custom industrial press solutions to meet your current press replacement or machinery expansion requirements.  Be sure to obtain the right, industrial hydraulic press for the specific job at-hand.

Contact Abbott Machine Co. to review your machinery requirements and to review your customization options available through an authorized Magnum Press distributor that knows industrial manufacturing and remanufacturing services.

Choose a Heavy-Duty, Industrial Magnum Press for Your Company

Abbott Machine Co. can help your heavy industrial business or manufacturing company determine the best Magnum Press to meet your current manufacturing or industrial requirements.  With hydraulic presses from Magnum Press, your company has 59, standardized, bench-top gap frame presses engineered with a standard C-frame configuration.  These presses offer 2-post and 4-post, guided tool plate designs, or gib-guided tool plate configurations.  We can order more compact press models customizable to meet specific application requirements.  The product line of heavy-duty, floor model, C-frame hydraulic presses from Magnum Press range from 4-ton to 250-ton customized models.  Your company also has the options of selecting up to 96 different models, all of which offer standardized C-frame configurations with 2-post or 4-post guided tool plate set ups, or the option of set ups with gib-guided tool plate configurations.  Magnum Press, through your authorized Magnum Press distributors at Abbott Machine Co., offer companies adjustable 8-point, gib-guided, straight-side industrial hydraulic presses with custom designs manufactured per customer specifications.  Additionally, you can order custom 2-post and/or 4-post, column style presses, which are quickly designed, engineered and manufactured to detailed client requirements and specs.

Each Magnum Press features a dedicated frame design.  This press design is further optimized to take advantage of the full tonnage of the press.  Abbott Machine Co.’s manufacturer, Magnum Press, designs, engineers, manufactures, machines and assembles all of these industrial presses in the United States.  With exceptional design flexibility and wide range of fully-customizable, standardized hydraulic press resulting in customized press categories ranging from 2-ton to 250-ton capacities. With additional customization per client specifications, this press range is customizable for 1,000-ton capacity and even greater.  By utilizing Abbott Machine Co. and Magnum Press, we can find the find the exact industrial hydraulic press for your company’s current requirement(s).

As Magnum Press distributors, Abbott Machine Co. can assist you with full customization per your company’s specifications of these categories of industrial hydraulic presses:

Please review the product category listings.  You may download specifications lists from the product listing pages.  Basic design schematics of the series’ floor models are listed on the product series page.  Your business may print a Hydraulic Press quote request, which you may Fax to 618-465-2495.

Contact Abbott Machine Co. for Magnum Presses, Additional Machinery or Full-Service Remanufacturing Services and Rebuilt Industrial Machinery

Abbott Machine Co. is a full-service, heavy industrial machinery remanufacturer and retrofitter offering a wide range of industrial machinery remanufacturing and support services to companies throughout the U.S. and worldwide.  We have served the heavy industrial metalworking sector for 1950, and our machinery repair and upgrade services are well-known.  Let us know how we can support your business by supplying Magnum Press equipment as your distributor, by selling, servicing, upgrading, retrofitting or repairing machinery as you need.  Additionally, we have a many serviceable OEM and replacement parts available as well as additional equipment for industrial and manufacturing machinery, attachments, extensions, replacement components, and other accessories.  Businesses may review our current list of replacement parts available through EBay or contact us direct about parts that you require.  We can always keep your company in mind as we purchase and remanufacture equipment, machinery, extensions, parts, components, upgrades and other parts throughout the year.

As your Magnum Press distributors, we can assist your company in providing the manufacturer with your preferred specs and machinery capability requests.  You may contact Abbott Machine Co. direct about any of use machinery or to request assistance with customized the right Magnum Press to meet your needs.  You may call Abbott Machine Co. at 618-465-1898, or toll-free at 800-262-6478 in order to discuss your machinery requirements, or to request a quote on machinery or hydraulic presses, or to discuss machinery servicing.