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60" X 240" Farrel Roll Grinder, M-4558


 60" X 240" Farrel
     Roll Grinder

General Specifications:
Roll Grinder Manufacturer:                                   Farrel
Roll Diameter (inches):                                         60 Inches (1524.000mm)
Center Distance (inches):                                      240 Inches (6096.000mm)
Swing Over Bed (inches):                                     62 Inches (1574.800mm)
Roll Crown (inches):                                             0.250 Inches (6.350mm)

Carriage Motor Data:
Motor Manufacturer:                                            General Electric

Horsepower:                                                          5 HP (3.730 kw)

RPM:                                                                     500/2400 Rpm

Voltage:                                                                 240

Current:                                                                 DC

Head Stock Motor Data:
Motor Manufacturer:                                           General Electric

Horsepower:                                                         25 HP (18.650 kw)

RPM:                                                                    300/1500 Rpm

Voltage:                                                                240

Current:                                                                DC

Tail Stock Motor Data:
Motor Manufacturer:                                          General Electric

Horsepower:                                                       2 HP (1.492 kw)

Current:                                                              DC

Grinding Wheel Motor Data:
Motor Manufacturer:                                         General Electric

Horsepower:                                                      40 HP (29.840 kw)

RPM:                                                                 650/1750 Rpm

Voltage:                                                             240

Current:                                                             DC
Way Cover Type:                                                        Steel Band

Carriage Bed Ways Configuration:                            Flat & Vee

Carriage Bed Ways Condition:                                  Worn

Table Bed Ways Configuration:                                 Flat & Vee

Table Bed Ways Condition:                                       Worn

Steady Rests
     Number of Set:                                                      1

Crowning Device
     Manual Cam:                                                       Manual Cam

Spindle Type:                                                            Hydrostatic

Approximate Overall Dimensions (feet):
Length (Feet):                                                 45 Feet (13.716 m)
Width (Feet):                                                  15 Feet (4.572 m)
Height (Feet):                                                 10 Feet (3.048 m)

Additional Information

Diameter No
Length No

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700 West Broadway
Alton, IL 62002 USA

Phone: (618) 465-1898
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