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Used and Remanufactured, Horizontal Boring Machine Suppliers

Abbott Machine Company Is a Horizontal Boring Machine Supplier and Remanufacturer

Abbott Machine Company, located Alton, Illinois (northern St. Louis metropolitan area) is a leading remanufacture of heavy industrial machinery.  We are remanufactured, repaired and retrofitted horizontal boring machine suppliers.  We also offer a wide range of repair service, recalibrations, system upgrades and retrofits, and offer a wide range of technical support services, operator training, emergency field repair service providers, and warranty servicers (if applicable).  We offer a wide range of complete, industrial machinery retrofits, rebuilding, remanufacturing and upgrading services with the focus of restoring horizontal boring machines and other industrial machinery to “like new condition,” or when possible, to exceed the original design specifications and performance tolerances.

You may contact Abbott Machine Co. direct in Alton, IL, about product availability and general services inquiries. You may call us locally at 618-465-1898, or call us toll-free, nationwide at 800-262-6478.

Horizontal Boring Machine Suppliers:  Current Horizontal Boring Mill Inventory

Abbott Machine Co. usually has a variety of remanufactured boring mills available for sale at any given time.  We do usually have a variety of brands, although used G&L (Giddings & Lewis) mills are typically the most popular at any given time; we also usually have several used Turret Lathes available if your company is in the market for one of these pieces of rebuilt machinery.  Please refer to our current machinery stocklist periodically as our inventory does change throughout the year.  Currently, our horizontal boring machines supply includes:

  • —Horizontal Boring Mills (Floor Type)
    • ——Giddings & Lewis 570F Boring Mill
    • ——Giddings & Lewis Floor Type, Double Column G60-FX (Two HBM Columns on Common X Bed); machinery originally manufactured in 1992 (one column manufactured in 1983, the other column was manufactured in 1992); Hydrostatic Rotary Tables: 137” x 137” 60-ton, CNC-contouring "B" Axis, manufactured by Noble & Lund (table was new in 1994); 120” Diameter 40-ton, CNC-contouring "B" Axis, manufactured by Noble & Lund (table was new in 1994); and, a 72” x 96” 20-ton Hydrostatic Table with Manual Indexing, manufactured by Giddings & Lewis
    • ——8” Giddings & Lewis Model 70-N8-UF 8” Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mill, 70N8UF; 192” X, 132” Y, 72” Z; 560 RPM; 75 HP; machinery was originally manufactured in 1967; Serial 270-10-67 (Model: M-4541)
  • —Horizontal Boring Mills (Table Type)
    • ——5" Giddings & Lewis Table Type, Horizontal Boring Mill; Model 70D5T, S/N: 150-1184-72; originally manufactured in 1972
  • —Horizontal Boring Mills (Table Type, N/C, CNC)
    • ——6” Giddings & Lewis G60-RTX 48” x 72” Built-in Rotary Table; 96” X, 66” Y, 51” W, 36” Z; Giddings & Lewis 800 CNC; (Model: MJV-4550)
    • ——6" Giddings & Lewis, G60RT, 60" X 144" Rotary Table; 120" X, 96" Y, 74" W, 48" Z, 2500 RPM, 50HP; 8000 Control; (Model: B-1004); machinery originally manufactured in 1991
    • ——6” Giddings & Lewis Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill, Model 70H6T; 60” x 144” Table; 132” X, 96” Y, 51” W, 48” Z, 1020 RPM, 40 HP, 8000PP Control; (Model: MJV-4546)
    • ——6” Giddings & Lewis CNC Table; Type Horizontal Boring Mill, Model 70H6T; 60” x 144” Table; 132” X, 96” Y, 65” W, 36” Z; 1020 RPM; 40 HP; 800 Control; (Model: MJV); machinery originally manufactured in 1971 and retrofitted by Giddings & Lewis in 1988
    • ——6” Giddings & Lewis Horizontal Boring Mill Model 70H6T, 72” x 144” Table; 132” X, 120” Y, 108” W, 48” Z; 1020 RPM; 40 HP; (Model:  M-5002), Serial 420-80-64; machinery originally manufactured in 1964

You can review this page on Horizontal Boring Mills to see some of the other brands and other sizes of mills that we have had available in the last year or so.

Additional Boring Machines and Name Brand Machinery

As leading, horizontal boring machine suppliers, Abbott Machine Co. frequently has other types of Boring Mills and related boring machinery and equipment/parts available.  A few of our other product categories include:   Boring Mills (Horizontal Table Type, Universal and CNC), Boring Mills (Vertical including Turret Lathes), Boring Mills (Vertical, N/C and CNC) and Vertical Millers.  We also frequently have other brands available in our inventory, which does change periodically throughout the year.  If you are looking for a Berthiez CNC Vertical Boring Mills, Bullard Cutmasters, King Vertical Boring Mills, a Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine, a Lagun Mill or other types of equipment, please refer back periodically to our current machinery stocklist or let us know what kind of vertical or horizontal boring machines from suppliers that you are looking to purchase.  We do buy and remanufacture machinery throughout the year and our inventory does change from month-to-month.

Abbott Machine Co. Has Serviceable Replacement Parts

Abbott Machine Co. has an extensive inventory of serviceable parts for horizontal boring machines, other mills and other heavy industrial machinery at any given time.  Frequently, we also have Facing Heads or other additional equipment/attachments for mill.  You may review our parts available through our EBay store. Please review these replacement parts and components, check our inventory stocklist periodically, or contact Abbott Machine Co. direct for the parts or additional equipment/attachments that you are looking for.  We do purchase machinery and serviceable OEM parts throughout the year.

You may call Abbott Machine Co. locally in Alton, IL, at 618-465-1898, or call us toll-free, nationwide at 800-262-6478 to discuss your machinery, service and/or parts requirements.  As your used, remanufactured horizontal boring machine suppliers, Abbott Machine Co. will back all work performed by our expert repair technicians and machinists!