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Remanufactured Cylindrical Grinding Machine(s) for Sale at Abbott Machine Company

Is Your Business Looking for a Refurbished Cylindrical Grinding Machine?

Is your industrial company or manufacturing business looking for refurbished, remanufactured or a retrofitted/upgraded industrial, cylindrical grinding machine?  If so, then be sure to review the remanufactured machinery available from leading, U.S., heavy industrial machinery and equipment remanufacturer Abbott Machine Company, located in Alton, Illinois, in the northern St. Louis metropolitan area.  We are a leading remanufacturer that also operates a precision, commercial grinding shop.  We offer a wide range or repair, remanufacturing and retrofitting services to bring used cylindrical grinding machinery and other industrial machinery back to the manufacturer’s specifications or exceed those specifications.  We also offer a wide range of onsite and emergency repair services, machinery installations, recalibrations and wide range of technical support services for industrial and heavy manufacturing companies.

Businesses may contact Abbott Machine Co. direct about information, inquiries, or to set up inspections of working machinery for purchase or to inquire about general repair and retrofit services. Abbott Machine Co. maintains an extensive inventory stock of serviceable OEM and/or serviceable replacement parts, additional equipment, accessories, control components and other products for many different brands of cylindrical grinding machines and other heavy industrial machinery.  You may call us locally in the St. Louis area at 618-465-1898, or you may call us toll-free, nationwide at 800-262-6478 with inquiries about any of our machinery, equipment or services.

Remanufactured and/or Retrofitted/Upgraded Cylindrical Grinder Machinery and a New, Precision, Rapid Belt Grinding Attachment Method

Abbott Machine Co. sells more than repaired and/or retrofitted cylindrical grinding machines.  Since we are the only industrial remanufacturer that also runs a commercial grinding shop—that we know of—we have taken our experience in the industry, combined that with the extensive experience of 3M, and have develop a new rapid, highly-precise, commercial belt grinding methodology.  We offer precision, commercial-grade grinding services, HVOF/HVOF spray coat grinding services, and cylindrical belt grinding services that meet 110 RA to 1 RA standards with tolerances to 0.0002”.  With this experience, and with the input of 3M’s engineers, our new belt grinding attachments improve most industrial grinder capabilities and offer rapid grinding superior to just about any commercially available methodology or technique.  Most industrial grinders can be retrofitted with our highly-precise, Versagrind™ belt grinder attachments.  Some of our cylindrical grinding machine offerings already have Versagrind™ belt grinder attachments already installed and fully-calibrated as part of the machinery sale.  For your own grinders, or other grinders in our stocklist, you may request installation of Versagrind™ belt attachments for improved production capabilities.

Some of the currently available, or recently available, cylindrical grinding machines and other types of industrial grinders available from our machinery stocklist include:

  • Centerless Grinder(s)
  • Cylindrical Grinders (N/C and CNC)
    • ——14” x 120” Cincinnati CNC Grinder; GE/Fanuc 0i-TC Control System; Abbott Machine Co. #M-4399; remanufactured grinder with an extensive scope of supply; additional optional equipment available; installation of this machinery in the customer’s facility performed by Abbott Machine Co. personnel is included in the sale price within the 48 states; also, we offer a limited 1-year warranty offered
    • ——72” x 240” Cincinnati CNC Roll Grinder; Abbott Machine Co. #M-4459; GE/FANUC 16B series CNC grinding control; this machinery has a very extensive scope of supply; please review the product listing for an thorough product detail list on the CNC controls
    • ——48” x 120” Herkules CNC Grinder; WS 450-8L X 3500 CNC Cylindrical Grinder; Serial Number: 82 580-311/97; Abbott Machine Co. #BM-1001; this machinery is recently out-of-service from a major aerospace facility; this grinder is in excellent working condition; this machinery may be inspected anytime
  • Cylindrical Grinder(s) (Plain)
    • ——Cincinnati Milacron-Heald Model 273A Universal Internal Grinding Machine with Extended Base; manufactured in the U.S.A.; Serial Number: 910723A85-0107; Abbott Machine Co. #MJV-MJ7; this is a high-precision, versatile piece of machinery for grinding straight or taper bores, straight or taper outer diameters (O.D.’s) and flat, concave or convex surfaces; also, this cylindrical grinding machine is well-equipped
    • ——18” x 168” Cincinnati O.D. Grinder; Serial Number: 7P18LSK-1; Abbott Machine Co. #MJV-CIN; machinery was originally built in 1961 with a rebuild completed in 2011; additional scope of supply details available on the product listing page
  • Cylindrical Grinder(s) (Plain/Angle Head)
    • ——14” x 72” Cincinnati TL-Milacon Grinder, Series 370 Model DA; this is a "Heavy Pattern Machine" Plain Cylindrical Grinder; Serial Number: 35384F845W-0003; Abbott Machine Co. #M-4560; this machinery is equipped with a 30” diameter x 3” width x 12” base Grinding Wheel, a Hydraulic Table Traverse, an Adjustable Table Tarry, and a large coolant system with automatic wheel balancing
  • Cylindrical Grinders (Universal)
  • Cylindrical Grinder(s) (Universal, N/C and CNC)
    • ——24” x 168” Landis-Lund Plain CNC Cylindrical Grinder Model 5RE, Serial Number: L-578-1; Abbott Machine Co. #BM-1071; the original Landis CNC controls were replaced in 2008 with updated Control System (review for the product listing for details about the grinder’s specifications); the machinery was originally built in 1987
  • Roll Grinders
    • ——14” x 168” Cincinnati Roll Grinder; Semi-Automatic Roll Grinder; Serial Number: 66-429-0-788-1; Abbott Machine Co. #MJV-2968; machinery was originally built in 1970; this machinery has an extensive scope of supply; note: at the time of purchase for our Roll Shop from Alcan Aluminum the machinery was producing a 1-2 Ra finishes with a 0.0002” tolerance in 72”; and, the electrics are complete and operational, but are becoming obsolete and you should consider replacing the electrics in the near future; machinery installation and training is available; additional accessory items including belt grinding attachments, or CNC control systems available; this grinder is well-equipped
    • ——16” x 168” Cincinnati Roll Grinder; Abbott Machine Co. #M-4421; this piece of machinery is well-equipped—please review the product listings for further details
    • ——18” x 144” Cincinnati Roll Grinder; Model  LR; Serial Number: 3550R45Z-0002; Abbott Machine Co. #M-4521; please review product details for equipment supplied with purchase
    • ——24” x 120” Cincinnati Roll Grinder; Serial Number: 4R7J5M-1; Model: M-1938; Abbott Machine Co. #M-1938; this machinery includes an installed Abbott Versagrind™ belt grinding attachment; please review the product listing for additional information about supplied equipment
    • ——24” x 144” Cincinnati Roll Grinder; Model: LR; Abbott Machine Co. #M-4579
    • ——50” x 336” Cincinnati Roll Grinder; Abbott Machine Co.  #M-4555; this machinery is well-equipped
    • ——50”-60” x 364”/412” Farrel Gustina; Abbott Machine Co. #M-4178
    • ——60” x 240” Farrel Roll Grinder; Abbott Machine Co. #M-4558
    • ——14" x 72” Landis Roll Grinder; Abbott Machine Co. #M-4422; optional equipment is available for this model; this machinery comes with a 1-year/2000 hour warranty that covers all components remanufactured or replaced by Abbott Machine Co., and also a 2-year/4000 hour warranty on all GE/FANUC components—claims are processed through Abbott Machine Co.; please review product listing for supplied equipment with this grinder
    • ——72” x 360” Waldrich Siegen Roll Grinder with Taper Carriage; Model: WS I A; Abbott Machine Co. #M-4570; this machinery is in excellent condition and it is ready for a remanufacture or retrofit if requested
    • ——14” x 48” Cincinnati Sine Bar Grinder, Serial Number: 1P5F1H-1; Abbott Machine Co.  #M-4545; this is a remanufactured grinder with all new electrics and an installed Abbott Versagrind™ belt grinding attachment; this machinery includes two Work Rests
    • ——16” x 72” Cincinnati Sine-Bar Grinder; Serial Number: 1P5F1H-1; Abbott Machine Co. #M-4552; this machine includes two Work Rests

Contact Abbott Machine Co. to Purchase a Remanufactured Industrial, Cylindrical Grinder Machine

Abbott Machine Co. offers industrial companies and manufacturers a range of repair, retrofit/upgrade, and complete remanufacturing services.  We also provide clients with technical support services as well.  We can provide clients with complete machinery rebuilds and remanufacturing services, general and emergency repairs onsite, control system replacements, new electrics, control or operations system components replacement, FANUC robotics installations when practical or feasible, machinery retrofits/upgrades to return machinery to manufacturer design specifications, tolerances and capabilities, or to exceed those specs.  Additionally, Abbott Machine Co. offers extensive technical support services, and some warranty servicing.  Learn about Abbott Machine Co.’s remanufacturing and technical services available for heavy industrial machinery.  We maintain an extensive inventory of serviceable OEM and/or replacement parts, some of which are available through our EBay parts store—you may contact us about parts, components or control systems for particular machinery brands that your business requires.

Contact Abbott Machine Co. for inquiries or for sales assistance for a cylindrical grinding machine.  You may call us at 618-465-1898, or toll-free at 800-262-6478.  Abbott Machine Co. backs all work performed by our personnel at our facility or your facility.