CNC Boring Mills

CNC Boring Mills Are Available from Abbott Machine Company


Choose Remanufactured, CNC Boring Mills (Horizontal, Table Type or Vertical) for Your Business

Abbott Machine Company (Alton, Illinois/northern St. Louis metropolitan area) is a leading U.S. remanufacturer of CNC Boring Mills, Horizontal, Vertical and Table Type N/C and CNC Boring Mills.  We purchase and resell Boring Mills of all kinds from U.S. and international companies.  We offer complete remanufacturing services, retrofits, upgrades and general repair and installations services.  Additionally, on many types of machinery, we can offer training, technical support services, emergency repairs and replace parts, components, electric and control systems when practical or feasible.  As a leading U.S. heavy machinery remanufacturer, we offer a wide range of services to our industrial and manufacturing clients.  We also remanufacture a wide range of other heavy industrial machinery from leading brands including grinders, lathes, polishers, machining centers, CNC Boring Mills, millers, lathes and other equipment.

Abbott Machine Co. is a complete equipment and machinery retrofitter, rebuilder, remanufacturer and upgrade services provider for industrial and manufacturing companies large and small.  We always strive to restore machinery to “like new condition” with original tolerances or better, whenever possible.  Usually, we can exceed the manufacturer’s original design and performance specifications with upgrades and retrofits.

You may contact Abbott Machine Co. direct in Alton, IL, about product availability and general services. You may call us locally at 618-465-1898 or call us toll-free, nationwide at 800-262-6478.

CNC Boring Mills (Horizontal, Vertical and Table Type Models) Available from Abbott Machine Co.

We always strive to bring machinery back to original manufacturing specifications, or to exceed those specifications.  Where practical or feasible, we do upgrade and or retrofit machinery to increase product capacity and capabilities.

Some of the recent or current CNC Boring Mills available from our machinery stocklist include:

  • —Boring Mills (Horizontal, Table Type, N/C, CNC)
  • —Boring Mills (Horizontal Table Type, Universal, CNC)
    • ——5” Giddings & Lewis Model 70-H5T CNC Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill; 40 HP Motor; equipped with GE Fanuc 2050, 4 Axis Retrofit in 2000
    • ——5” Giddings & Lewis PMC-5 Horizontal Boring Mill
  • —Boring Mills (Horizontal, Floor Type)
    • ——Giddings & Lewis Bickford, 15HS, X 252”, 60” Y, 30” Z, 48 ATC, (MJV-4341) -  manufactured in 1988; G&L/Bickford retrofitted with a Fanuc 0i control 2012 (MJV-4341)
    • ——Giddings & Lewis 450 Series G60-RT HBM
    • ——6" Giddings & Lewis Floor Type Boring Mill
    • ——8” Giddings & Lewis Model 70-N8-UF 8” Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mill, 70N8UF, 192” X, 132” Y, 72” Z, 560 RPM, 75 HP, (M-4541); originally manufactured in 1967, Serial 270-10-67 (M-4541)
  • Boring Mills (Horizontal, Table Type)
    • ——5" Giddings & Lewis Boring Mill, Model PC-5, 48” x 122” Table, originally manufactured in 1974; 25 HP Motor
  • —Boring Mills (Vertical including Turret Lathes)
    • ——42” Bullard Cutmaster Vertical Turret Lathe; 30 HP Motor
    • ——72” King Vertical Boring Mill; 30 HP Table Motor 208/3/60 Cycle
    • ——74” Bullard Vertical Boring Mill, Model Cutmaster  Model: Cutmaster, S/N: 28913; originally manufactured in 1954
  • Boring Mills (Vertical, N/C and CNC)
  • Millers, Vertical
    • ——9” x 42” Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine Model: 2J, S/N: 12/BR 162816, originally manufactured in 1975
  • —Facing Heads for 5” Giddings & Lewis Mills
    • ——Facing Head 26” Diameter for 5” G&L (MJV-4436) – Giddings & Lewis “Davis” Continuous-Feed
    • ——Facing Head, 26” Diameter for 5” G&L (T-6402)
    • ——Facing Head, 30” Diameter for 5” G&L (T6422)
  • Tables, Floor and Layout Plates (Radial and Boring Mill)
    • ——liFloor Plates, (4) Matched Set, Cast Iron, T-Slotted, 48” x 125” x 14”, (MJV-5590) – sold individually; and these plates are in excellent condition
    • ——Floor Plates (2) – 48” X 144” Matched Set,  (MJV-4550-2) – these are in excellent condition

Feel free to go to the machinery stocklist page to review each separate item or any specific pieces of machinery, equipment or accessories that you are interested in learning more about.

Abbott Machine Co. Sells Replacement Parts and Components:  Contact Abbott Machine Co.

Abbott Machine Co. has an extensive list of serviceable replacement parts, OEM parts or equivalents and various other components for repairs/replacements and upgrades.  You may also find parts through our EBay store. Please review any replacement parts or components that you are interested in purchasing or check back periodically for the parts that you require.  You may contact Abbott Machine Co. direct about machinery, components or parts that your company may need to repair equipment.  Just let us know what you are looking for, and we can gladly review parts or component availability.  We do purchase heave industrial machinery including CNC Boring Mills throughout the year.  We purchase machinery and parts from companies in the U.S.A. and also from businesses worldwide for parts or for remanufacturing, general machinery rebuilds, retrofits, component/electrics/control system upgrades and for complete machinery refurbishment.

You may call Abbott Machine Co. locally in Alton, IL, at 618-465-1898; or, call us toll-free, nationwide at 800-262-6478.  We always stand by our workmanship and repairs!