Cincinnati Hydraulic Press

Remanufactured Cincinnati Hydraulic Press Available from Abbott Machine Company

Is Your Company Looking for a Rebuilt Cincinnati Press or Other Machinery?

If your heavy industrial or manufacturing company is looking for a used Cincinnati Hydraulic Press, other Cincinnati machinery, or a new custom-built hydraulic press to purchase, then be sure review the machinery and services available from Abbott Machine Company located in Alton, Illinois, in the northern St. Louis metropolitan area.  We may have a solution for you.  Currently, we do have a refurbished Cincinnati Hydraulic Press in-stock, and we usually have a variety of Cincinnati Grinders and other machinery available.  We are also Magnum Press distributors, so, if you are looking for an industrial hydraulic press that meets your current requirements, we can assist you with selecting the best options.

Abbott Machine Co. purchases, repairs, remanufactures, retrofits and installs hydraulic presses and other heavy industrial machinery throughout the year.  We work with customers throughout the United States, and we all work with international clients as well.  We have experienced and certified technicians for industrial machinery repairs and rebuilds, for improving machinery tolerances and expanding capabilities, and also for system control, electrics and other component replacements.  If you have a project requiring a FANUC retrofit, we can also assist you with that project.

We offer companies a wide range of remanufacturing services for mills, lathes, grinders, polishers, presses, machining centers, planers, and a wide range of heavy industrial machinery.  Generally, we provide installation services, and offer clients the option of technical support services including some warranty servicing if covered by a contract.  You may review Abbott Machine Co.’s repair and remanufacturing services, so that you have a better idea of the scope of our capabilities.

You may contact Abbott Machine Co. for information about a Cincinnati Hydraulic Press for sale, for information about other machinery, or to learn more about our services.  We service a wide range of industries and businesses.  You may call us locally at 618-465-1898, or call us toll-free, nationwide, at 800-262-6478.

Cincinnati Hydraulic Press Available for Sale

Currently, we have one Cincinnati Hydraulic Press (Press Brake) in stock, please review our stocklist periodically for Cincinnati Hydraulic Presses, other brands or other machinery.  The model in-stock is a:

  • 1250 Ton Cincinnati 1250Hx26 Hydraulic Press Brake; Model: 1250Hx26; 75 HP motor; originally manufactured in 1967—this machinery is also equipped with: a 33' Adjustable Lower Universal Die, a 36" Horn Extension on Left Side, an Electric Foot Switch Operation, and miscellaneous Brake Dies

As Magnum Press distributors, Abbott Machine Co. can assist your industrial business or manufacturing company with customizing the right, brand new, Magnum Press to suite your particularly operational needs.  You may fill out the custom hydraulic quote request form for a price quote on a brand new press from Magnum Press (hydraulic).  Or, feel free to contact us about locating a press to suite your requirements or to keep an eye on our inventory for a Cincinnati Hydraulic Press that meets your manufacturing requirements.

Machinery Remanufacturing and Technical Services Available from Abbott Machine Company

Abbott Machine Co. offers business customers a wide range of repair services, parts and component replacement service, upgrades and retrofits and additional services.  If you need machinery repaired or improved onsite or you are looking for completely remanufactured and/or retrofitted machinery, then we can most likely help your business.  We work with companies throughout the U.S.A. to restore machinery and equipment to original specifications and/or increase capabilities and accuracy.  Whether you need onsite repairs, or you are interested in a complete rebuild including replacing electrics, control systems and components, or even a new FANUC retrofit if feasible, be sure to let us know how we can help you improve and/or exceed your machinery’s originally specifications and tolerances.

Besides offering businesses the option of complete industrial machinery remanufacturing, Abbott Machine Co. provides heavy industrial and manufacturing companies with a wide range of machinery remanufacturing and support services:

  • General repair services and/or refits to heavy industrial machinery and equipment including:  boring mills, horizontal boring mills, vertical boring mills, millers, drills, grinders (universal, roll, CNC, N/C, etc.), lathes, industrial hydraulic presses, tables, general machining centers, optical equipment, planers, polishing machinery, roll formers, shears, tool resetting machinery, and other machinery and equipment
  • Machinery and equipment installations
  • Machinery system control and/or control component retrofits/upgrades
  • Onsite industrial machinery equipment and/or accessory capabilities improvement/equipment replacement and installations
  • Onsite retrofitting of a wide range of types of industrial machinery
  • Emergency repair services as contracted or specified
  • Heavy industrial machinery field repair servicing as contracted
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Equipment realignments
  • Machinery calibrations
  • Machinery accuracy verification testing including certificates of inspections
  • Replacing system electrics on a range machinery classes
  • Increasing functionality by adding state-of-the-art robotics controls/control system components if feasible
  • FANUC system repairs or retrofits
  • Installing state-of-the-art CNC or other precision control mechanisms, and systems if feasible
  • Retrofit/upgrade obsolescent machinery with new components, accessory equipment and parts
  • Warranty servicing per contract specifications (not applicable on every sale)
  • Technical phone support service
  • Machinery operator training services as contracted
  • Additional services

Contact Abbott Machine Co. for Replacement Parts, Components and Equipment Accessories

If you are looking for replacement parts or replacement control system mechanisms, or you are looking for equipment accessories, then let us know.  We have an extensive inventory of serviceable OEM and other brand parts.  We also periodically have differing accessory equipment available for industrial machinery.  If your business is interested in a machinery retrofit or otherwise increasing efficiency and/or expanding machinery, feel free to contact us about your goals.  We may be able to provide the solution that your business requires.

Regardless of your specific need, machinery repair, system retrofit requests, a sales inquiry about a Cincinnati Hydraulic Press or other piece of machinery (or brand), or you need technical assistance, feel free to contact Abbott Machine Co., or call us at 618-465-1898, or at 800-262-6478.