Cincinnati Grinders

Abbott Machine Company Repairs, Rebuilds, Retrofits and Remanufactures Cincinnati Grinders

Remanufactured Cincinnati Grinders Are Available from Abbott Machine Company

Does your industrial company or manufacturing coming require new grinding equipment or professional grinding services?  If so, Abbott Machine Company in Alton, Illinois (just north of St. Louis, Missouri) is the leading U.S. remanufacturer that you can rely on for refurbished, retrofitted and upgraded Cincinnati Grinders and other brands.  We generally have quite a few remanufactured Cincinnati Cylindrical, CNC, N/C, Roll and Universal Grinders available for sale, and of course, we do buy Cincinnati Grinders and other brands from heavy industrial and manufacturing companies in the U.S.A. and from businesses worldwide.

We frequently rebuild, repair, remanufacture, retrofit and service used grinders including Farrel, General Electric, Giddings & Lewis, Herkules, Landis, Mesta, Siemens, Voith, Waldrich Siegen and other brands.  We also perform Fanuc robotics systems upgrades/retrofits if practical on a particular grinder per a company’s request.

You may contact Abbott Machine Co. direct in Alton, IL, with product and information requests, service requests and for pre-sale machinery inspections.  You may call us locally at 618-465-1898, or you may reach us toll-free, nationwide at 800-262-6478.

Abbott Machine Co. Currently Has a Variety of Cincinnati Grinders for Sale

Abbott Machine Co. offers a wide range of remanufacturing services, onsite repairs, emergency repairs, parts replacement, upgrades and machinery retrofits, rebuilds, remanufacturing and upgrade services in order to restore grinders and other industrial machinery to “like new condition,” or whenever possible and request, to exceed the original design capabilities and performance.

Our current machinery stocklist includes a variety of Cincinnati Grinders including these models:

  • Grinders, Cylindrical, N/C and CNC
    • ——14” x 120” Cincinnati CNC Grinder (Model# M-4399) – this remanufactured machinery comes with a considerable scope of supply and control systems; installation service is available as part of the purchase
    • ——72” x 240” Cincinnati CNC Roll Grinder (Model# M-4459) – this machinery offers a substantial scope of supply along with upgraded control systems
  • Grinders, Cylindrical, Plain Grinders, Cylindrical Plain (Angle Head)
    • ——14” x 72” Cincinnati Grinder, Series 370 (Model# M-4560) – a.k.a. 14” x 72” Cincinnati-Milacron “Series 370” “Heavy Pattern Machine” (Plain Cylindrical Grinder) with additional equipment; manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Grinders, Cylindrical, Universal
    • ——18” x 48” Cincinnati Universal Grinder (Model# M-1651) – machinery comes with Abbott Versagrind™; machinery has additional
    • ——18” x 48” Cincinnati Universal with Internal (Model# M-4582) – this grinder has additional equipment
    • ——18” x 72” Cincinnati Universal Grinder (Model# M-4550)
    • ——18” x 72” Cincinnati Universal Grinder (Model# M-4506) – originally built in 1970; and, this machinery has additional equipment
    • ——18” x 100” Cincinnati Universal Grinder (Model# M-4480) – this machinery has a considerable scope of supply
    • ——18” x 100” Cincinnati Universal Grinder (Model# M-4486) – this grinder also comes with additional equipment and has a considerable scope of supply
  • Grinders, Roll
    • ——14” x 168” Cincinnati Roll Grinder (Model# MJV-2968) – semi-automatic roll grinder that also offers a considerable scope of supply
    • ——16” x 168” Cincinnati Roll Grinder (Model# M-4421) – this machinery has a substantial scope of supply as well
    • ——18” x 144” Cincinnati Roll Grinder (Model# M-4521) – additional equipment supplies with this machinery
    • ——24” x 120” Cincinnati Roll Grinder (Model# M-1938) – this grinder comes with Abbott Versagrind™
    • ——24” x 144” Cincinnati Roll Grinder (Model# M-4579)
    • ——50” x 336” Cincinnati Roll Grinder (Model# M-4555) – this machine is has additional equipment and comes with standard accessories
    • ——14” x 48” Cincinnati Sine Bar Grinder (Model# M-4545) – this remanufactured grinder is equipped with Abbott Versagrind™ and it also has all new electrics
    • ——16” x 72” Cincinnati Sine-Bar Grinder (Model# M-4552)

Abbott Machine Co. Upgrades and Retrofits Cincinnati Grinders and Other Heavy Industrial Machinery

Abbott Machine Co. purchases used Cincinnati Grinders and other heavy industrial machinery and usually completely remanufactures, upgrades and retrofits machinery.  Of course, we do offer a wide range of onsite equipment/machinery retrofits, repairs and other services that can include improving machinery control systems, electronic wheel balancing, calibrating gauging systems, replacing probes, performing coolant system upgrades, installing accessories such as bed extensions, belt grinders (learn about the best belt grinders—Abbott Versagrind™), equalizer drives, grooving attachments, perform work on lubrication systems, transmissions, adding journal rests and work rests, and replacing other components and parts.  Additionally, our work can include system retrofits, adding new precision control or CNC mechanisms, replacing electrics, adding robotics, replacing servos, spindle drives and assemblies, perform work on point-to-point and contouring machines, lathes, boring mills and other machinery.

As far as we know, Abbott Machine Co. is the only full-service remanufacturer in the U.S. with and onsite grinding shop.  We can perform grinding work for your business or install our Versagrind™ belt grinders (engineered in conjunction with 3M) on your Cincinnati Grinder.  We perform precision grinding services and HVOF grinding (High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel thermal spray service).  Our standard cylindrical and/or belt grinding services can meet 110 RA to 1 RA and tolerances to 0.0002” (review short demonstrations of our belt grinders in operation).  Our in-house grinding capacity is ½” diameter to 60” by 234” CNC.  Versagrind™ is a new, highly-efficient, belt grinding attachment that is superior to almost any commercially-available system.

We maintain an extensive inventory of serviceable parts for Cincinnati Grinders, other brands and other types of heavy industrial machinery.  Contact Abbott Machine Co. for more information about our Cincinnati Grinders, general services or to purchase Versagrind™ belt attachments.  You may call Abbott Machine Co. locally at 618-465-1898, or call us toll-free at 800-262-6478.