Cincinnati Cylindrical Grinders

Remanufactured Cincinnati Cylindrical Grinders Are Available for Sale and Installation from Abbott Machine Company

Does Your Business Need a Cincinnati Cylindrical Grinder(s)?

If your company needs a used, remanufactured or retrofitted Cincinnati Cylindrical Grinder(s), then review the machinery and equipment available from Abbott Machine Company (Alton, Illinois/St. Louis metropolitan area).  We are a leading heavy industrial machinery remanufacturer.  We buy, rebuild, repair, retrofit remanufacture and upgrade Cincinnati Cylindrical Grinders for resale—installation services are usually available as well.  We have extensive experience with completely refurbishing and rebuilding cylindrical/universal/roll grinders, lathes, boring mills and other types of heavy industrial machinery.

Abbott Machine Co. is a full-service shop that offers heavy industrial and manufacturing companies complete equipment and machinery retrofits, rebuilds and remanufacturing services in order to restore equipment to “like new condition” or to exceed original specifications.  We also install machinery, equipment and provide systems upgrades when practical.

You may contact Abbott Machine Co. in Alton, IL, call us locally at 618-465-1898 or toll-free, nationwide at 800-262-6478.  We work with clients throughout the United States and worldwide.  Our inventory changes frequently, so, you can review our inventory or ask us to search for the grinder or other machinery that your business requires.

General Services and Machinery Remanufacturing

Our general services are extensive.  We repair and remanufacture machinery for resale as well as offer onsite services and installation for many of our equipment sales.  Our service include, but are not limited to: onsite machinery installations, onsite field repair services, emergency repair service for broken machinery onsite, and we offer preventative maintenance programs, machinery realignments, alignment and accuracy verification testing, and provide complete machinery rebuilds (repairs are made with OEM or equivalent parts and components replacement to bring machinery back to specified operating tolerances).  We retrofit machinery and/or upgrade Cincinnati Cylindrical Grinders and other machinery capabilities, which can include: adding or upgrading control systems, gauging systems, probes, coolant system, providing electronic wheel balancing, and installing equipment accessories, bed extensions, belt grinders, grooving attachments, and additional components and parts.

We also provide business customer with general operator training services, warranty servicing of machinery, technical support and phone assistance.

Machinery Remanufacturing Services

Abbott Machine Co. remanufactures industrial machinery. Generally these rebuilds and/or retrofits can include a comprehensive rebuild of all the equipment components.  Retrofitting machinery to upgrade capability (e.g. adding improved controls systems, gauging systems, probes, and other services where applicable: coolant system upgrades, electronic wheel balancing, and installing accessories, installing bed extensions, belt grinders and grooving attachments, and additional components).

At Abbott Machine Co., we also retrofit older machinery with new and upgraded control components and other systems for overall improved performance.  We have experience with complete used Cincinnati grinder upgrades, upgrading or adding state-of-the-art, CNC and/or precision control mechanisms, servos, spindle drives, or even adding robotics controls to machinery from major manufacturers such as Fanuc, GE, Giddings & Lewis, and Siemens.  Additionally, we field retrofit machinery as well.

Abbott Machine Co. also offers clients precision grinding services and HVOF grinding (cylindrical or belt grinding services meeting 110 RA to 1 RA and tolerances to .0002.)—learn more about the best belt grinders—our Versagrind™ belt grinders engineered in conjunction with 3M.

Changing Inventories, Machinery Rebuilds and Replacement Parts

Our inventory includes machinery and parts for used Cincinnati grinders.  Our inventory and available brands changes constantly.  We have different models of used Cincinnati grinders and other machinery. Please look periodically for the model that you want or contact Abbott Machine Co. direct for assistance finding the model you are looking to purchase.

We do also have new Cincinnati equipment in stock periodically.  Currently, our used Cincinnati Cylindrical Grinders include the following from our inventory machinery stocklist (please review product listings for specifications):

You can use our machinery stocklist to search for Cincinnati machinery or other manufacturers as well.

Replacement Parts, Components and Machinery Rebuilds

Abbott Machine Co. frequently has additional machinery parts for Cincinnati Cylindrical Grinders and other equipment.  Our parts availability does change frequently, so, be sure to check with us for replacement components and parts as you need them.  Equipment accessories and replacement parts from many prominent machinery manufacturers may be available through our website or our EBay store.  You are welcome to search our machinery stocklist.  We have a large inventory of serviceable used parts and equipment in-stock at any time.

Please review replacement parts availability, check back periodically to search or the part(s) or machinery that you require, or contact us and let us know what you are looking for, since we purchase machinery throughout the U.S.A. and worldwide for rebuilds, retrofitting and remanufacturing.

You can contact Abbott Machine Co. with parts or machinery availability inquiries or call us locally at 618-465-1898.  You can also reach us toll-free, nationwide at 800-262-6478.  We stand by all of our workmanship and all of our rebuilt, repaired and remanufactured machinery, parts and components.