Centerless Cincinnati Grinder

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A Centerless Cincinnati Grinder, Other Types of Grinders and Various Brands of Grinding Machinery Are Available for Sale

If your heavy industrial company or manufacturing business is in need of a remanufactured Centerless Cincinnati Grinder, another type of Cincinnati Grinder, or another brand, then be sure to investigate the repaired, remanufactured, reconditioned and/or retrofitted/upgrading industrial grinding machinery that is currently available from leading, U.S., heavy industrial machinery and equipment remanufacturer Abbott Machine Company, located in Alton, Illinois, near St. Louis.  Additionally, as far as we know, we are the only U.S. heavy industrial machinery remanufacturer operating a commercial grinding shop as well.

Industrial businesses or manufacturers may contact Abbott Machine Co. direct for product information, inquiries about the status of listed machinery including our Centerless Cincinnati Grinder, or to request an appointment to inspect this piece of machinery or other machinery under of working or powered conditions.  If you are looking for a particular brand or piece of machinery to purchase that is not in our inventory, let us know, since we buy machinery year round for remanufacturing and resale.  Businesses may inquire about general repair and retrofit services, or any of our other industrial remanufacturing and support services.

Also, Abbott Machine Co. maintains an extensive inventory of serviceable OEM and/or serviceable replacement parts for a wide range of industrial machinery.  WE also have additional equipment, machinery accessories, system control components, electrics and other parts for cylindrical grinding machines and other heavy industrial equipment.  You may call us in the St. Louis area at 618-465-1898, or you may call us toll-free at 800-262-6478 with your questions or to discuss purchasing our Centerless Cincinnati Grinder or other machinery.

Precision, Rapid Belt Grinding Attachments and a Remanufactured Centerless Cincinnati Grinder

Abbott Machine Co. sells more than remanufactured and/or retrofitted Centerless Cincinnati Grinder(s) and cylindrical grinding machinery.  We are an industrial machinery remanufacturer with a commercial grinding shop.  We offer commercial customers highly-precise, commercial belt grinding services at our grinding facility including precision, commercial-grade grinding services, grinding of a variety of metals, soft and hard substrates, problematic materials, and HVOF/HVOF spray coat grinding services, and cylindrical belt grinding services meeting 110 RA to 1 RA standards with tolerances as close as 0.0002”.  Additionally, we have developed a new rapid belt grinding methodology in conjunction with 3M.  Our new belt grinding attachments, our highly-precise, Versagrind™ belt grinder attachments, improve most industrial grinder capabilities while offering rapid grinding that is superior to just about any commercially available grinding methodology or technique(s).  Most industrial grinders may be retrofitted with these new belt grinding attachments.  Some of our remanufactured industrial grinding machines already have Versagrind™ belt grinder attachments already installed and fully-calibrated.  Companies may request Versagrind™ belt grinding attachment installations by Abbott Machine Co., as well.

Our current listing for Centerless Cincinnati Grinders includes the following machinery from our machinery stocklist:

  • Centerless Cincinnati Grinder—please review the product listing for the Centerless Cincinnati Grinder specifications
  • You can review the grinder specifications including details about the Work Diameter Capacity, Grinding Wheel width, diameter and hole diameter, information about the Regulating Wheel, Grinding Wheel Motor, Regulating Wheel Motor, Hydraulic System Motor, the grinder’s electrics, approximate floor space and shipping dimensions of the unit and approximate weight
  • Please contact Abbott Machine Co. for further details about the terms or sale or about inspecting this Centerless Cincinnati Grinder or about other industrial grinding machines
  • You may review our current, extensive list of cylindrical grinding machinery
  • Currently, we have other grinder product categories:  Centerless Grinder(s), Cylindrical Grinders (N/C and CNC), Cylindrical Grinder(s) (Plain), Cylindrical Grinder(s) (Plain/Angle Head), Cylindrical Grinders (Universal), Cylindrical Grinder(s) (Universal, N/C and CNC), and Roll Grinders
  • Besides our Centerless Cincinnati Grinder, we have other Cincinnati grinders available for sale
  • Abbott Machine Co. has grinders from other leading manufacturers available for sale including:  Farrel Gustina, Herkules, Landis, Landis-Lund, Waldrich Siegen, and Warner & Swasey or “Norton”
  • For further product details, please review the machinery stocklist
  • We do also occasionally have remanufactured industrial polishers for sale as well, so, please check our inventory stock periodically or contact us about looking for a polisher for your company
  • Versagrind™ belt grinder attachments available for installation on our industrial grinders that are available for sale—some already have the attachments installed—or for installation on machinery at your facility or facilities

Contact Abbott Machine Co. to Purchase a Centerless Cincinnati Grinder or Other Machinery

Abbott Machine Co. provides industrial companies and manufacturing businesses with a wide range of repair services, retrofits/upgrades, and complete machinery remanufacturing services.  We offer clients technical support services as well.  Abbott Machine Co. provides clients with machinery rebuilds, remanufacturing services, and general or emergency repairs onsite.  We can also install new control systems, electrics, system components replacement, FANUC robotics installations if practical, general machinery retrofits/upgrades, increased capabilities, recalibrations, accuracy verification testing and other services.  Learn about Abbott Machine Co.’s remanufacturing and other services available for heavy industrial grinders and other machinery.  Also, we maintain an extensive inventory of serviceable parts, some are available through our EBay parts store—you may contact us direct about your parts, component or system replacement requirements for particular machinery or brands.

Contact Abbott Machine Co. for inquiries about machinery, parts, service or for sales assistance.  You may call us in the St. Louis area at 618-465-1898, or call us toll-free at 800-262-6478.  Abbott Machine Co. backs all work performed by our staff.