Belt Grinders

Belt Grinding

Our Versagrind™ belt grinding attachments for grinding HVOF and other thermal spray coatings including chrome offer improved productivity, reduced cost and more profitability to our customers. If you want no CHATTER problems,FINISHES from 110 RA to 2-3 RA and TOLERANCES to .0003, we can help. We will sell you a belt grinding attachment for your machine or supply a completer grinder.We will also grind your parts in pur plant.Our Capacity is 1/2" diameter to 60" * 234" CNC.You can see videos of our grinders in action.

Abbott Machine Company's Versagrind™ grinding attachments are an alternative way to grind and finish HVOF and other thermal spray coatings.Using a improved method for HVOF hard coat grinding and finishing with a new system from Abbott and 3M, Our Objectives are:

  • Productivity, reduced cost, quality and more profitability for our customers
  • Consistent and predictable process
  • Able to easily achieve finish specifications
  • Capable to delivering the required geometry tolerance
  • Easy to use and adaptable solutions
  • Faster dimension and finish attainment than with bonded wheels and honing stones

HVOF is the standard abbreviation for a recently new field process called High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel thermal spray service. Among the desirable properties of HVOF is high density, even to a negligible porosity, resulting from high spray-particle velocities produced by a hot combustion-driven, high-speed gas jet. Although HVOF spray process represents a new coating technology, in principle, it amounts to a small rocket engine. HVOF is a supersonic process which delivers well over 7000 fps of velocity and can exceed bond strengths of 12,000 psi.