60" x 240" CHURCHILL ROLL GRINDER - S-5906

 60”  X 240” Churchill ROLL GRINDER








Minimum grind diameter                                                        12”

Maximum grind over bed                                                       60”

Maximum Roll Length                                                           240”


Hydrostatic spindle

Size of grinding wheel – std.                                                  36” X 4” X 12”

Size of grinding wheel – max                                                 36” X 6” X 12”

Belt length                                                                               210”

Grinding wheel speeds                                                            0-1200 variable

Spindle motor horsepower                                                      80hp Fanuc

Crowning                                                                                Tilting


Headstock speeds                                                                    0-70 rpm variable

Headstock motor horsepower                                                 80hp Fanuc

Taper of Center                                                                       7 degree’s


Grinding Carriage:

Traverse Motor                                                                        AC Digital Servo

Traverse Speeds                                                                      0-120 ipm

Twin pinion (zero backlash)



Taper of Work Center                                                              7 degree’s

Length of Spindle                                                                   29”

Load meter on tailstock quill


Fanuc Series 18i CNC Control Specifications:

Computer Express Industrial PC Open Vision Operator Interface with the following:

Window 7 Operating System

I7 3.4 GHZ

15.1 Resistive Touch Active Matrix Screen

 4 GB Ram

500GB Western Digital hard drive

1 PCI half size slot

1 Combo PCI/ISA half size slot

48x CD-ROM

Separate type full keyboard

Pointing device

Simultaneous axes control (no stepping between points)

High Speed serial bus including Type II PC PCB, Basic operation

Package Function, Extended D/L Function, and Software Operator’s Panel option

PMC-RB5 with 8K steps

Least Input Increment of 0.0000 10”

Manual override of all feeds and speeds (adjust on the fly)

Manual Handwheel for infeed or carriage traverse (handwheel always active for the “on the fly” infeed movement)

Abbott Crowing software for cosine and compound crowns, half crowns

End dubbing (chamfer)

Tapers full length, one end or both ends with main carriage

Tapers to 2 ¼” per foot

End (left, right, or both) and continuous infeed

Short Stroking

Plunge Grinding Cycle

Rough, Finish, and Sparkout Cycles

Backlash compensation

Stored pitch error compensation

Bed error compensation

Taper compensation

Roll Shape compensation

Roll History Database (Viewed with Microsoft Access)

Programmable Wheel Dressing Cycles

I/O Link Cable

Power Cable

Feedback Cables

Fan Cables

Digital Servomotors and amplifiers

RPM Readout of wheel and work speeds

Wheelmotor load display on CNC screen


Abbott conversational Windows driven crowning software with the following functions:

Cosine crown and concaves 0 – 180 degrees

Compound Crowns

Taper Grinding

Automatic End Dubbing

Roll Body History Database with specific roll recipes

Programmable Continuous infeed adjustable on the fly

Programmable Incremental End infeed

Programmable headstock, carriage, and wheel speed

Retract and return of wheel

Retrace Function

Short stroking for severely worn roll profiles



Sarclad Crack detection (ultra sound)

Full in-process gauging – Gauge range 18” – 59”

SBS Wheel Balancer


Standard Equipment of the Machine:


                   1, Equalizer faceplate drive

                   2, set Journal rest and babbit blocks

                   2, 12” Wheel Mount

                   1, Wheel Guard with hinged front steel cover

                   1, Tailstock mounted Diamond wheel dresser

                   2,  Dead Centers

                   1, Set, Heavy Duty, Walk On Telescopic steel way covers for the carriage bedways

                   1, Set of Coolant Splashguards





                      System documentation and instruction material 

                                New electrical schematics

                                New lubrication diagrams

                                CNC maintenance and programming manuals

                                Operator manual and parts manual